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Nature Therapy is good for the mind, body and soul!​

  • Nature therapy is based on the concept of using nature to help us heal, both mentally and physically.
  • Nature can mean different things to different people; it can be a walk in a city park, venturing into the wilderness, or participating in a guided imagery meditation online.
  • I will assess your eco-identity and comfort level to integrate the most useful tools.
  • Nature is a powerful healer, from trees releasing their natural essential oils, to beneficial microorganisms in the soil, the 3 top stress relieving sounds are Water, Wind and Birds.
  • Nature has been scientifically proven to reduce cortisol (stress hormone), provide mental clarity, and brain function decrease anxiety, depression and stress and strengthen your immune system.
  • It has also been shown as an effective treatment for anxiety, depression, ADHD, trauma and substance use recovery.
I can provide a step down from a therapeutic model for those in recovery to continue your healing.
Now booking Nature Therapy Retreats!
I develop a custom experience, using tools like journaling, yoga, meditation, breathing, and mindfulness activities. Nature can be infused in wellness coaching. I can also provide different length session, half day and full day or overnight "retreats". I am not a therapist (YET! I am currently a graduate student!) but can provide a non clinical experience.

Nature is proven to:

*Reduce stress

*Reduce blood pressure

*Reduced heart rate

*Reduces cortisol (stress hormone)

*Reduce muscle tension

*Improves mental health

*Increase focus

*Prevent mental decline

*Improves sleep

*Strengthens your Immune System

It is beneficial to adults and children with mental/emotional disorders such as depression, anxiety, ADHD and more. It can improve your mental health by inducing feelings of calm, improving sleep and reduce negative emotions.
Children and nature therapy for ADHD:
Even the smells from the trees giving off turpenes, pinenes, limonenes, and other essential oils move the mind to a more calm space. Essential oil therapy is a great alternative.

I am a Nature Therapy Practitioner, I help to guide you through a process of self care and healing.  Nature can mean different things to different people! Lets discuss what you are comfortable with and how to infuse nature into your world!

If you would like to add nature therapy to your self care and feel it would help you in your journey, please send me an email to set up a FREE consult to discuss options. 

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