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How to bring Nature inside!

The number one barrier for people to practice Nature Therapy/Coaching is the weather. So when the weather starts to turn I have some suggestions for you! Studies show that there are a number of ways to enjoy nature indoors! The science says that integrating things like indoor plants, growing herbs on a sunny window sill, having a table top water fountain, a bird feeder outside a window, or having natural décor can all have positive effects on your health. Your senses provide the information to the brain, even when your inside, bringing nature indoors can provide some of the same benefits as being outdoor! When I do virtual nature coaching (YES! I provide virtual sessions with clients) I can also provide tools like a natural mindfulness meditation, journal prompts around nature, or just a view to my outdoor space, again using your senses to integrate nature into our coaching sessions. If your interested in learning more, please send me a message or go to to book a free consultation.

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