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Hurry up and miss it all

Hurry up

The first time I read the devotion that I reread this morning, was when my then 16 year old son was in a residential facility.

My notes on this particular one was about hiking the 72 mile NJ section of the Appalachian Trail. I set the goal to complete that section as a way to pass the time when he was gone. I completed it.

But as I sit here today and reread those words, I realize I am still in a hurry and old habits come back without you realizing it. I am setting the intention to SLOW DOWN and enjoy the moment, even though I am moving at the speed of light right now.

Today, I am reminded to slow down and take it all in.

If we rush through life to attain the next thing, we miss what is right in front of us now.

Yet another lesson from Nature.

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