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Work Place Wellness Solutions

I provide custom solutions to keep your employees well and engaged. We will work together for a solution to address barriers to wellness and engagement. These programs can be individualized to fit your groups needs. I focus on small to medium size health and wellbeing business solutions. I can help plan for group needs, and your budget! In person and virtual options are available.

Raise Your Resilience

What it is and how to build it. What can you do to build more resilience in this chaotic world? The only constant is change. Make a goal and leave with a plan of action, and accountability to keep you on track.

Sourcing and Maintaining your Energy

Explore what gives you energy and investigate ways to manage your energy throughout your day. Set a goal, build a plan of action and accountability to reach it.

The Gift of Emotional Intelligence

What is Emotional Intelligence and how to leverage it for building better relationships. How to build compelling communication, the secret is listening to yourself and others. Great for exploring your teams communication styles and building collaboration. If you are a people leader or have a group of people leaders, this course is for you! According to Gallup the top 4 qualities employees value in a leader are: Empathy, Trust, Stability and Hope!

Recover Correctly

Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit- Explore each of these areas and how to recover in each. Learn about why recovery is so important and how these areas overlap and affect each other. Leave with a plan to build more recovery in your days, weeks, and life!

Authentically You

Find your top character strengths and explore how to use them to your advantage. Determine your barriers and areas of opportunity to build authenticity to live fully engaged. Great course for team engagement and collaboration.

***This will utilize reporting done with VIA institute and has an added cost per report (Top 24 Strength Report $49./pp) Pre work would be completion of the report at least 10 in advance of the facilitation.

De-Stress Naturally

Mindfulness and Recovery in nature, tools and techniques and the science behind it. Explore how things like nature, nutrition, movement, creativity and mindfulness can help you combat your daily stressors.

What clients say about these trainings:

“The facilitator took the time to explain all the concepts and gave the right amount of time to digest and reflect.”

“Audrey’s use of her personal stories opened the door for the group to be vulnerable.”

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